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 Thousands of lakes circle a marvelous ecologic land, where designs radiate with the most beautiful glory brought by aurora.


  It is a nation of art and designs.


  In the development course of modern designs over the past century, earthshaking changes have taken place throughout the world. Despite all this, Finland has always insisted on the principle of economic designs. It helps to create and maintain purely functional styles, thus keeping a pure land for human designs.


  It is Finland. As if a tranquilizer of the design circle, it stands at the peak of worldwide designs stably and stretches out its lands to everyone.


  With the sceptre of founding through designs, Finland stood up and grew from a small country of 5 million people to a large design country with worldwide influences. Thanks to the state policies of designs, Finnish designs have been inherited and enjoy further development under Bauhaus’s influences, eventually forming the most influential Northern European School in global design world.

  而他,是芬兰现行设计国策的制定者之一,是被芬兰总统授予了“艺术家教授”和“芬兰专业勋章”最高荣誉的欧洲顶级工业设计师——汉诺·凯霍宁Hannu Kähönen。

  He is Hannu Kähönen, one of the formulators of current Finnish state policies on designs and the top-level European industrial designer who was conferred by the Finnish president with the highest honorific titles of “Artist Professor” and “Pro Finlandia-Medal”.


  The flowers blooming after the forest, lakes and humane environment converge, reflecting the combination of ecology, human-machines, economy, scientific technology and aesthetics. Condensing into the spirit of Finnish designs, they can be found in every design created by Hannu Kähönen.


  When walking on the streets of Helsinki City in Finland, one can find Hannu’s works everywhere. From the means of transport to electronic products, furniture and machine devices, his design achievements cover every aspect of Finnish life.


  Dustbin is one of the symbols of Helsinki City. Hannu redesigned the dustbin that was designed by him in the 1990s. Considering the increase of wastes in modern cities, Hannu expanded the capacity of the dustbin. Similarly, Hannu also designed a triangular chair based on functional and economic demands: For one thing, the chair can be placed in a smaller space, which enlarges people’s living space. For another, the design lowers manufacturers’ costs. 


  Given consideration to the requirements of ecological designs, Hannu reused wastes and packages. Hannu designed a series of foldable leisure chains with wasted thick wooden cases. According to the design, a wasted fruit case can be installed into a temporary chair through simple procedures. After the chair’s life cycle ends, it can be fired in the stove for heating, which makes full use of a large number of materials on the product package.

  凯霍宁通过与工作、生活密切相关的产品设计改变着现代城市及其相关生活的面貌,他在工业设计领域的杰出成就与突出贡献被世界文化理事会授予特别嘉奖,被芬兰艺术学会MOUTO授予终身成就奖。他创办的创意设计公司Creadesign oy被芬兰权威评级机构给与了芬兰创新力最强(SUOMEN VAHVIMMAT)的评定,他的设计屡获芬兰卡伊·弗兰克设计奖(Kaj Franck Design Prize)和德国IF奖(International Forum Award)等多项国际大奖。

  Hannu is changing the landscape of modern cities and people’s life through the product designs that are closely related to work and life. Thanks to his outstanding achievements and prominent contribution in the industrial design circle, the World Cultural Council awarded Hannu with a special prize and endowed him with the Award of Lifetime Achievement by MOUTO, a Finnish institute of art. Creadesign oy, a creative design corporation founded by Hannu, passed SUOMEN VAHVIMMAT, the highest assessment of Finnish creativity by authoritative Finnish evaluation institutions. Hannu’s designs also won several international awards, including Finnish Kaj Franck Design Prize and German International Forum Award.


  Together with several internationally-important design experts, Gotrend will control the high standards and requirements on the competition in 2019. How to take design as part of social and ecological system is a concept that Gotrend attaches high importance to and the first spirit of Finnish modern designs. As the father of Finnish contemporary designs, Hannu is a witness, constructor and leader of this process. Hannu has served as a judge of the Gotrend Judge Panel for two consecutive years and will continue leading the fifth Gotrend. We look forward to seeing what revelation Hannu will bring to Chinese peers.



  Hannu, a top-level European designer, will join us in raising the curtain for the selection stage of the 5th Gotrend this March. Thousand lakes will be inlaid in the glorious aura of Gotrend as the most valuable gems. The Finnish aurora will be converted into a glaring light ribbon and add splendor to Shenzhen in 2019. Let’s usher in the new era of furniture designs under the initiative of "rational design , continuous innovation" . Let’s gather at the 34th Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition in this spring to witness the glorious peak of furniture practitioners here!





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